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    VOR is a simulated racing league. We run seventy-five minute events on Monday nights (USA time) using rFactor with our own VLMS mod, which is based on the American LeMans Series.
    by Published on 09-21-2014 04:54 PM

    VOR is proud to announce a new GT Series.

    This season we are running the EGT mod from United Racing Design. This is a pay mod and should not be new to most. We are also planning to run a free RF2 series on the alternate Mondays using free content. Those details will come later.

    - We will use the URD EGT pay mod ...
    by Published on 05-13-2014 09:18 PM
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    Time: Qualifying begins at 9:00pm EST
    Cars: Pro-Am and Pro-Cup cars only
    Format: 1x ...

    Welcome to Season 8!

    This season we are running only one series: GTS

    •We will use the GT-Am class only.
    •We will have one (1) scored room. If necessary, a second scored room can be made available.
    •We will have a forty (40) driver cap in the room.
    •All license classes will choose their car and number as discussed in that thread.
    •If necessary, there will be some balancing of numbers of drivers per class and car caps to ensure we have relatively similar numbers in each class. Selection order will be the same format as before (S7 finishing order, length in league, etc.).
    •There will be PreQualifying.
    •103% rule will be in effect to make PreQ unless numbers are < 40; drivers failing to meet the 103% will be listed as standbys.
    •PreQ is calculated for a minimum number of eight (8) cars per class. Drivers are cut based on their gap to the class average. This is to prevent drivers from being cut if they are close to class times as opposed to less full classes having drivers qualify off-pace just because there is less competition.
    •Championships will be based on license classes.

    The schedule has been published. This season we will have thirteen (13) races with three (3) drops; scoring the best ten (10) races for each driver. As is now our standard, penalty points will be deducted from drivers total, not their race weekend score. Penalties will once again have no effect on dropped events.

    The S8 licenses were posted before the forum issues, and vehicle selections were made by the majority of drivers. We will use the licenses and selections which were already posted and requested. Any driver who needs to be issued a license or select a car may do so in the S8 Licenses and Vehicle Selections thread.

    Skins can be submitted any time in the S8 Skin Submissions thread after it has been opened. Please follow the skin submission guidelines contained in that thread once they have been posted.

    Finally, if anyone is interested in volunteering we can always use people to help on the track team. We need someone who can test the tracks after they are edited and before we race them to ensure they are ready for distribution - no issues with pit lights, starting grid, textures (holes in the map) etc.

    If you enjoy racing here, please consider making a donation to help with the costs of providing the race & TeamSpeak servers, the site and the apps/subscriptions we use to provide it all. Thanks to each and every one of you for your continued support of VOR.

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